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Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil vs. Staten Island Chuck, you decide!

Well folks, it’ Groundhog day and the results are in. Now I don’t mean to start a controversy … ah who am I kidding … of course I am. Okay, true confessions aside, it appears we have conflicting GroundHog Day results from the field – just like some of your image lighting sources.

Press darling Punxsutawney Phil was reported seeing his shadow, indicating an extended winter season … whom according to the GroundHog Club at Gobbler’s Knob is 80% accurate since 1987.

A prediction contested by the lesser known Staten Island Chuck who is predicting an early spring having NOT seen his shadow … something worth noting when you consider that the Staten Island Zoo is reported to measure Chuck’s accuracy rate at 85 percent over the past 25 years!

Me, I’m a Chuck kinda guy because I have four good friends similarly named and have an NYC background. But of greater note is the fact that my spousal unit, born and bread near Aliquippa pa, PA, and degreed in Meteorology from that fine institute of higher learning (and college football) located in State College, PA also sides with Staten Island Chuck’s metrics!

So what about you? In about a minute or two, I’ll add a poll that also includes prognostications from the likes

What has this got to do with church web site design? Hmmm … well it’s a stretch but …

… Like SI Chuck, I’m not a big fan of shadows — for me on GIF or PNG like drawings. They seem to ‘kitsch them up‘ a bit for me. That said, if you insist on adding shadows to your image, make sure they’re consistent.

For example, note how the shadows from the font of this sample picture conflict with the lighting source of the image of a groundhog.

That is the shadows of the text indicate a lighting source from the top left … while the groundhog appears to be lit from the bottom left.

Don’t do this – be consistent.

Hmmm … all these tangends do make me wonder what the groundhogs in Jordan are saying … like it really matters in that climate.

One Comment

  1. The *real* question is… how long do groundhogs live?

    Are these really the same groundhogs that have been prognosticating since 1987 or for 25 years or have the secretly switched in replacements over the years? ;-)

    (as for Phil vs Chuck, have you considered that perhaps they are *both* right? The weather in the two places might be different if they are far enough apart…)