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New Page 1 v. 1st Presbyterian, Natchitoches, LA

Okay, in a fair fight between search engine inquiries – which <title> tag do you think wins? First Presbyterian Church, Natchitoches, Louisiana – or – New Page 1?

Well of course the full church name, with denomination and location wins, unless for some strange reason you’re seeking spiritual enrichment at the ‘New Page 1′ church then your options are only as limited as the number of church websites who using tools such as FrontPage, don’t bother to modify the page name property before page generation.

Yet another example proving FrontPage doesn’t kill good search engine optimization, people using FrontPage kill the ability for seekers and new residents to find the online presense for churches such as First Presbyterian Church, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Then again, it probably doesn’t help that said church website is essentially content-less brochureware, whose name and location uses graphics to render text.

So how would I fix this website?

  • Start over, enlisting in a free or near-free blogging service such as TypePad, blogSpot, etc …
  • Make absolutely certain that the <title> tag reads the name, denomination and location of the church
  • Use text to represent text – preferably rendering the church name, denomination and location between <h1> tags
  • Meta tags are no longer magic, but the description does show up on Google, so make sure that also matches with content that mentions the words in the <title> and <h1> tags.
  • Optimize the images using IrfanView

Lemme know if anyone can think of anything else.


  1. I actually get a feeling of a classic smaller, older church from the website. The pictures are good, but most everything else can go or be redone very easily. A five-page wordpress site would do wonders, and save them trying to figure out how to make a website in the first place.

  2. Their “menu” is horrendous:

    1. Google as the top link? Why?!?!
    2. There’s only 2 items, but the way it’s been laid out makes it look like 4
    3. One of the 2 items is for the page you’re on….

  3. 1. Several pages are missing in action (404).

    2. Telephone number should use parentheses for the area code, it looks confusing, especially by having the final 4 digits on a separate line.

    3. Concert information for the David Bailey concert could be removed now that it is history (January 30, 2005).

    4. I thought the Presbyterian church logo would be a link to the national headquarters, but it’s not.

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