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A good example of why online video trumps audio podcasts

With a show of hands, who here would rather listen to me podcast my upcoming visit Petra? How many would rather see the Temple of Hercules as online video at blogJordan.com? I asked my 7 year-old daughter that question earlier today. She sat up in my office chair, dropped a ball down the back and said “I would rather see the ball drop than listen to you tell me about it Daddy.

She’ll be receiving her MBA in marketing sometime soon having, in a single convincing demonstration, answered Alex Iskold’s related question from this past August: Will Podcasting Survive?

In Mr. Iskold’s post, he graphically points out his own findings via Google trends that:

snippet of some of Iskold's podcasting graphics“… recently there seems to have been a decrease in enthusiasm over podcasts. Before we look into the reason’s why, lets take a look at these three trend graphs below and draw a couple of conclusions from them. The podcast trend appears to have stagnated, while podcasting has just been going out of fashion at a steady clip. Podcast as a trend seems to be by far less popular than blog and video …”

Read the rest of the article, as I think it is very pertinent to anyone publishing online content for a church or charity website.

Meanwhile, I’m changing some gears for my upcoming press tour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Nov. 2-11) – as based upon my daughter’s killer logic – I’m spending some pre-trip prep time working with video embedding plug-ins for WordPress while leaving podcasts for some other time and project.

Like the following test video, presenting using the EasyTube plug-in, a little test-snippet I filmed this past Friday:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvMH7ouw89k&autoplay=0 350 350]

Got some tips along these lines? Think my test video is st000pid? Either way, leave a comment in love.

Oh and make sure you add to your aggregator blogjordan.com – the journey begins next Friday!


  1. Dean–How about a post about what equipment you are using to capture video? Furthermore, do you think video trumps audio for sermons? Some of us are struggling to keep our audio up to date, and video represents a learning curve. I agree for the Jordan project that video has benefits, but what about for a weekly sermon podcast?

  2. You can listen to podcasts when driving, etc. Give me a video presentation of the podcasts I listen to, and I’d never get thru them.

    Plus, production cost and effort can quintiple with video. Vbloggers make it look easy, tho.

  3. Oh, but your daughter, like my kids, probably isn’t thinking about audio at all. They watch TV, they rarely listen to a CD, and never willingly turn on the radio. In the car is the only place they listen to music…or podcasts.

    Great subject, Dean, and you look good on camera!

  4. I agree with b2blog. I sure hope podcasts don’t go anywhere. I have an hour commute to and from school each day. I often load up podcasts on my iPod for the commute.

    You couldn’t do that with vblogs…that is until we all own future cars that drive themselves.

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