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5 Things WordPress 2.3 Brings to your Church Web Site Design

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new WordPress in town and his name is “Dexter!A.k.a. version 2.3, this major release comes with five features every church and/or charity web master can’t do without. Here they are in no particular order other than who, what, where, how and why:

  1. Pending review – this to me is the BIG KAHUNA of features as many blog-driven church websites are also multi-author church websites.Who benefits? How about a youth minister who wants to enable students, but would like the final okay before publishing member-submitted content. Same goes for the main website, where a designated editor can help make sure what goes out the public doesn’t wind up on some “signs and blunders ” website.
  2. Advanced WYSIWYG functionality – a “kitchen sink button” that allows content contributors to access some features of TinyMCE editor that were previously hidden.What‘s the big deal here? More word-processing like control from the free and easy-to-access confines of any web-standards compliant browser on any computer anywhere there’s Internet connectivity.
  3. Canonical URLs – okay, this is a bit geeky, but basically this normalization of your URLs helps your users bookmark, and search engines optimize the URLs on your site.Where‘s the benefit in this? Well aside from the aforementioned seekers, it also helps the guy/gal supporting the sign out front, as they no longer have to prefix the main domain name with ‘www.
  4. Native tagging support – since most church/charity websites leverage categories to define major navigation paths, the addition of native-tag support is a BIG help in … well categorizing your content across one or more topics. For example, I can see how tags will be a huge help to online sermons and Bible studies, as well as weekly events that impact and/or support more than one interest group.How? Simple, you users either search by and/or tag-cloud click on their taggy-topic that interests them.
  5. Update notification – this feature lets your church/charity website administrator know when a new release of WordPress and/or a plug-in is available.Why is this a big deal? Two words “security update.”

If that’s not an enough for you to stop using FrontPage and start blogging your church and/or charity’s web presence than I don’t know what is.

Heck, I’d  even say this all applies even if you’re WordPress-driven endeavor isn’t a church or charity web site!

One Comment

  1. 5 reasons? Jesse Gardner has 10 reasons to choose MT4 over WP 2.3. Oh, and MT has had all but #3 for a little while (OK, I’m not 100% sure on #5. Maybe not.) and #3 is new with MT4. :-D

    Of course, either is better than FrontPage.