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5 Reasons You Need to Add digital.leadnet.org to Your Aggregator – NOW!

Have you heard the one about the new mob-blog for church leaders and webmasters? No, it’s no joke – rather digital.leadnet.org is an extension of the Leadership Network dedicated to ‘using technology to multiply the church’s impact.’

And if that description alone isn’t enough of an argument to get you to add their RSS feed to your aggregator, then here are five compelling features of this team effort to consider:

  1. DJ Chuang – ringmaster of this circus who has been tireless in producing this be mob-blog for real-live church leaders in the virtual world. While not herding the cool cats at digital.leadership.org, he serves as the Director of Digital Initiatives and Asian American Church Research for Leadership Network.
  2. Tim Bednar – the brains behind Turtle Interactive. Once I saw his name on the list of contributors I knew we were in trouble. Kidding aside, tim’s seminal work “why we know …” is an example of the type of heat he’ll be adding to the brew.
  3. Cynthia Ware – whose Digital Sanctuary continually exemplifies the the aphorism “she’s all that and a bag of chips” … meaning you get all the beefy insights from her postings that you’d get from mine … only with half the indigestion!
  4. Dean Peters – already dubbed as ‘infamous’ by the group, I will be contributing drive-by content that will surely uphold my dubious reputation.

What’s that you say? The group sounds interesting but you don’t have an aggregator? Then if suggest you quit rocking like it’s 1999 and get skippy with something free and online like bloglines or Google reader.

It’s either that or you are commanded to visit the digital.leadnet.org blog every day for the rest of your life.

And don’t worry folks, I’ll still be posting here – just figured I’d lend my hand over there as well. I just figured with such a high caliber cast over there, they needed someone a bit controversial to keep eveyone on their toes.

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