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5 outside the box uses for Google Presentations out of the box

Five outside-the-box things you can do with the new Google Presentation application fresh out of the box, including breaking down physical, geographic and even denominational barriers.

Last April at the SIIA and Web 2.0 conferences, several Microsoft pundits made fun of Google reps who were boasting their use of Google Aps via Microsoft PowerPoint slides. I turned to the VP of my company and said: ‘I personally would let such an agile sleeping dog lie …‘ myself having already caught wind that Google was already working on a slide-show presentation application to add to their ever growing online office suite.

what my eyes saw, but didn't I didn't believe until this morning

No lie, I thought I was seeing things yesterday when I noticed a ‘presentations’ icon under the ‘new document’ menu in my Google Aps. Then I convinced myself that I should look at it later as it probably got all the press it needed while I was on 30 hours of flights headed back from Malaysia. I was wrong – as yesterday morning was indeed the official release of Google Presentation.

Anyway, I should have dropped what I was doing and posted as soon as I saw the menu option. My mistake. That said, I did take a few minutes to mess around with it – and along the way thought of 5 outside the box uses for Google Presentation out of the box:

  1. Work on slide show presentations – across multiple computer barriers
  2. Share slide show presentations – across operating system barriers
  3. Collaborate on Sunday school lessons – across classroom barriers
  4. Collaborate on Bible Studies – across church/congregational barriers
  5. Use the slideshow with web conference tools like ReadyTalk – across geographic barriers

Nifty huh? Probably niftier than my little presentation experiment I put together in no time flat.

Anyway, here are some other online articles the topic you might find useful:


  1. Dean your sample presentation requires us to login to Google Apps for your domain.

  2. Thanks Jack! Yeah, forgot to hit that “share outside the domain” checkbox the first time around.

    Appreciate you helping me yank the old plank outta my eye!-)

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