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Baptist Church Web Sites – Ye Shall See Witlessness

Baptist Church Web Sites provides a valuable directory service, but does so at great expense in terms of user interface, navigation and visual quality. Here are five things I would do to heal ‘the Web’s most comprehensive directory of Independent Baptist Church Web Sites.’

  1. Domain Name

    First thing I’d change is the domain name from “http://bn66.com/churches/baptist.html” to something like ‘BaptistChurchWebSites.info’ (since .com is already taken).This not only makes the Internet location a bit more memorable, but also lends a bit of legitimacy and/or professionalism to the site.

  2. Fix the description meta tag

    image of 'chruchy' description meta tag for baptist church web site directory

    I know I’ve joked more than once that “religion is a ‘chruch’” – but only to point out faulty title tags, descriptions and what-not.In this case, it is the ‘description meta tag’ which is important for two reasons:

    • search engines often include descriptions as part of their indexing formula
    • search engines often display the descriptions as part of their return results
  3. Eliminate the broken images

    I noted in a couple of spots, broken images – conveying a sense of neglect the same way associates broken windows on a house with a ghetto.

    montage of some broken images for baptist church web site directory

  4. Lose the “Heaven’s Gate” outer-space theme on subpages

    While the main page refrains from camouflaging the text with a plain, solid, contrasting background – the sub pages listing the various sites are a bit tougher to read, as the small white text gets lost on the starry background.A background which in terms of themes is also a bit reminiscent of the out-of-this-world theme offered by the now departed Heaven’s Gate cult.Meaning, it’s probably not a good idea to offer a theme that reminds people of Koolaide drinking kooks.

  5. Use a real directory application

    There are a number of site directory applications available for low or no cost. And considering the extent of the existing site’s data – could recoup said costs, along with the cost of purchasing a domain, a better server, etc… through some effective but unobtrusive ad placement.Here are some places to start looking:

That’s it. Your mileage may vary. If so, drop a comment – in love – on how this para-church listing of independent baptist church websites can improve.


  1. That’s a good reminder to check meta data tags. Our church is “Prince of Peace” and for whatever reason, I will type “Prince of Peach” about 99.5% of the time.

  2. Feed the church directory through google map pinpoints, all you need is the address.

    Also, tear the whole thing down and rebuild. :)