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Remember the Milk: To-do list management made easy

From a nursery volunteer to mega-church minister, one thing is for sure: charitable work is never done. And while no software will replace the human factor, those burdened with feet of clay can trip less often if equipped with a free, mobile and easy-to-use task list application – like RememerTheMilk.com.

Remember the Milk!One of my biggest beefs with calendaring applications is their feature bloat. One need only need to use the task manager on Outlook to quickly and easily lose important tasks between the cracks of its girth.

One of my biggest beefs about many task management applications is that they eventually get overbuilt into bloated calendaring applications.

And while I’m a big fan of online calendaring programs like Google Calendar, I really don’t want or need a swatter that big to kill the mosquito that is my simple to-do list.

What I really want is something very simple and light-weight that I can access from anywhere, from any device, off-line when needed, that will communicate my ever-growing ‘honey-do’ list back into my calendar application and/or can be shared with colleagues.

RememberTheMilk is just such an application, which among it’s many not-so-bloated features includes:

  • Manage tasks from anywhere
  • Get email, SMS or IM reminders
  • Share your tasks with others
  • Access tasks from your phone
  • Offline through Google Gears
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Integration with Twitter
  • Add tasks from iGoogle
  • Sign up – for free!

Yes, I know there are other excellent task managers out there such as BackPack, but as I said, all I want to do is keep a simple ‘to-do’ list that talks to my calendar.

As you operate your ministry with more mobility, so may you.


  1. Another great list manager is dailytodo.net. Manage your tasks with daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists. Check off your tasks as you complete them. This site is most useful to people who have a long list of tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis.

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