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Five ‘gee-whiz’ irritants at the Victory Independent Baptist Website

Here is another Fast Five lessons we can learn about good church website design by critiquing not-so-hot church web site design. Today’s candidate is the website for the Victory Baptist Church in Greenfield, IN.

A site whose employment of various ‘gee-whiz’ visual effects is a lesson on how to place stumbling stones in the path of your user’s goals. For example:

  1. Flash Navigation – why?
    • slow loading for the dial-up impaired
    • renders simple search-able text as unsearchable .SWF media files
    • requires support for those who don’t have Flash installed
    • limits the ability for staff & laypersons to simply update the menu
    • can kill back-button functionality in some cases
  2. Animated gifs & other graphic gizmos
    • slow loading for the dial-up impaired
    • they look and feel cheap
  3. Page fades, swipes and dissolves
    • slow loading for the dial-up impaired
    • doesn’t work on all browsers
    • gets in the user’s way
    • fatigues user’s eyes
  4. News Page – hard to navigate
    • articles should be supported with a ‘search’ feature
    • would be nice to have the ability to filter by date
    • log in link doesn’t explain the benefit of logging in for user (why bother?-)
  5. Pastor’s keyboard
    • has all the navigational issues of the News Page
    • additionally, this should be a blog, or blog supported

Don’t worry, I’ll get back to my more in depth stories, but I figure there’s a better chance at healing more church web sites if I can offer some very quick analysis that’s beneficial both to the subject’s own church website, as well as those of you reading this praying I don’t stumble onto yours!-)

Oh, and remember, we’re in a healin’ mood/mode here so if you have useful suggestions, leave a comment; in love.

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