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Five Things we can learn from the Deliverance Outreach Ministries

Here are five good examples of bad web design service up by the Deliverance Outreach Ministries web site:

  1. Home Page: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – in particular I’m talking about the embedded MP3 file that blares out of one’s computer when arriving to the site. This is not a good idea because:
    • slows the page load, especially for dial-up users
    • gets people visiting your site from their office computer in trouble
    • gets moms visiting the web site late at night mad because it wakes-up the baby
    • becomes absolutely annoying for individuals who navigate back to home page more than once
    • not sure about this case, but can create RIAA/royalty related problems
  2. example of text rendered using unsearchable Do not represent text with graphic because:
    • slows the page load, especially for dial-up users
    • confuses users who try to click on the graphic representation of underlined text
    • search engines these days are smart, but not so smart where they can dig into your jPeg blocks of plain, Arial text
  3. KidZone page: Where’s the beef?
    • One line wonders don’t cut it especially when it involves leaving their children unattended with strangers.
    • One line wonders, such as in this case actually can hurt the ministry’s conversion goals because their terseness translates to many users as clueless and/or disorganized. The last thing any parent wants when dropping their kid off with strangers for the first time.
  4. ‘Jabaz’ Prayer page: Image Reduce, please – head-shots so large that visitor can see one’s blemishes are not a good idea because:
    • slows the page load, especially for dial-up users
    • ineffective in obtaining one’s conversion goals
    • IrfanView is free and easy – learn to use it.
  5. example of blue text on blue backgroundAbout Us: Text is more readable when its color easily contrasts against the background, in other words:
    • don’t set blue text against a blue background.
    • Also, said of blue in this case usually reserved for and recognized by users as a hyperlinks. Don’t confuse your users that way.

If I had to add a six, I’d suggest that all centered, all bold, all the time fatigues the reader’s eye – but this is a fast five – so this point about the Service Times page only gets an ‘honorable mention.’

Side Note: As you can see, as part of my previously announced category overhaul, I’ve created a “Fast Five” – five points of five points of effective and usable church website design based upon a five minute web site review.

And while I hope this new category will include some good examples – there are enough bad examples resulting out of tje ‘cool church website’ mentality to keep us busy for a while.


  1. Those pic files are horribly slow to load. Fix that and the site is 75% healed.

    I understand the temptation to make a statement with music here, to tell the visitor ‘this is the type of music you can expect at our services’…but it sounds like some studio music from a pro.

    Another major healing would be to hide the pages that don’t have content yet…or as you say “where’s the beef”

  2. Just on the front page… hope the webmaster sees this review:

    9:00 am Worship Service
    A life changing word that will push you into you[r] destiny

    Main Sanuctary [Sanctuary] (twice)

    God has blessed this ministry with two of the most dynimic [dynamic] visinary’s [visionaries] of this mode[r]n time[.] {t}he[ir] message of hope and deliverance will push you into your blessing. With an [a] unquie [unique] style and anointing to reach the lost and hurting[,] Bishop Roderick L. Hughey and Elder Alundria L. Hughey have de[di]cated their lives to [K]ingdom work. So take this time to find out more about [the set angels of]? Deliverance Outreach Ministries (The City of Hope[.] [T]here is a Word For You!

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