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WiPeer: near perfect tool for your church office and meetings

WiPeer is a suite of applications for collaboration in server-less situations, such as committee meetings, retreats and/or church conferences. These applications include forming local social networks, chatting, file sharing, searching among shared files in other computers, and interactive multiplayer games.

What shows up on your church web site is potentially the result of data and/or communications shared in a lay person committee and/or staff meeting.

This is a good thing, but not necessarily an easy thing as in the past it often required:

  • providing a common access point over the church’s network;
  • asking users to establish sharing through NETBIOS services;
  • RS232 hardwire + software solutions; and/or
  • establishing a sneakernet protocol

Whatta pain to users … whatta administrative hassle … whatta security nightmare!

WiPeer screenshotFortunately, there’s WiPeer – a set of small applications that can help accommodate the work of churches and charities who are finding more and more of their functions attended by WiFi equipped parishioners and pastoral staff.

Simply put WiPeer enables simple sharing files directly among computers, playing multi-player games, chatting, and collaboration over both Wi-Fi and home/office networks – without having to hire a network administrator.

All that’s needed are a minimum two computers with a network card … in fact if the two computers have a wireless card it is possible to establish direct communication between the two computers without any router … though I’m in the camp that thinks WiFi access should become a common part of any church facility.

Yeah, sure, it does mean that certain individuals may use this good technology for evil … playing games when they should be paying attention to a reading of the minutes of the meeting of the committee to determine the protocol for committee meetings established for the reading of minutes …

… but hey, imagine how useful this could be the ‘wired team’ on the traveling to a mission and/or an inner-denominational convention/retreat?

Heck – I think I also just figured out what I can use at home without having to deal with the security risks of the neighbor’s kid trying to see if I’ve got NetBios and/or IPX leaking via file printer sharing services for Microsoft network and/or Samba.

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