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Malaysian blog4God’r meet-up this Sunday

sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY! If you’re at work, quit! If you’re home sick, get better!! If you’re in jail, breeeakk outtt!!!! Coming to a Bangsar Lutheran Church near you, an informal meet-up where East greetes West as I take advantage of my business travels to Kuala Lumpur and gather informally with other Christian’s who blog – also known in a semi-definitive sense as blog4God’rs!

Yes folks, one of the beauties of the blogosphere, and I think especially for the Christian blog4God-o-sphere, is our common bond in Christ and a desire to fellowship. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen this Sunday June 10th at about 2pm at the Bangsar Lutheran Church in beautiful Kuala Lumpur!

Or as Pastor Sivin Kit of said church writes on his blog:

Dean Peter is in Malaysia and is enjoying it from what I read here in Want to celebrate diversity? Try my Malaysian Odyssey on for size! Some might not immediately connect with the name Dean Peters immediately but He’s the guy behind the social networking and blog aggregator site; blogs4God; and the Church marketing blog; Heal Your Church Web Site; and also a contributing author to the book; Son of Web Pages That SuckHe’s been in contact with Bob Kee, IreneQ and me saying, “I would love meeting with members of the Christian blogging community - even if only briefly – sometime during that trip. I’ve already been in touch with Sivin Kit … so I’m excited! ..”

, and me saying, even if only briefly – sometime during that trip. I’ve already been in touch with Sivin Kit … so I’m excited! ..”This is where I come in .. the “in touch with Sivin Kit” bit :-)

So we planned a simple gathering this coming Sunday at 2pm. So, any one who’s interested to talk about blogging, church websites or even more technical related stuff as well as just to have a conversation-LAH! Feel free to drop by and have a chat.

So if you’re not busy, and happen to be in my neck of the woods, well actually Sivin’s, Bob’s and Irene’s neck of the woods, c’mon by.

If not, check in, I hope to do some live-blogging while meeting. Who knows, we may all learn something!-) 

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