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Microsoft’s Craig Mundie missing the point about mobility

I can’t believe what I just heard on BBC TV, Microsoft’s Craig Mundie saying two stupid things:

  • He doesn’t see software moving off the desktop and onto the web space; and
  • He believes computers need to become more helpful.” And for this vapidity he gets more money per year than I’ll see in a lifetime?

It’s 5AM here in Kuala Lumpur – my sleep schedule is all messed-up. I’m getting dully depressed watching the BBC’s world view on things when I’m snapped to alertness by an interview of one of Microsoft’s dynamic duo slated take over Bill Gates’ reigns next summer.

In what seems to a response to the threat posed by the Software as a Service model, I see Craig Mundie sticking to his meme of month where he essentially he sees a consolidation of super computing and the mobile phone – a consolidation running some version of the Windows operating system I assume.

He then goes on to talk about how computers need to become ‘Moore useful‘ – via forms of complexity I had thought the commercial user community was already in the process of rejecting.

A nice thought, but one in which ignores a simple question: if that’s true, then why is the World moving to gmail?

Until Mundie can address that simple question, I think his theories are just that, unsubstantiated wishful thinking devoid of a reality where an increasingly mobile workforce in need of real-time, remote collaboration doesn’t want to be anchored down by the 800lb gorilla of a super computer in their hip pocket.

If that wasn’t the case, then why is text still the main force behind individuals owning such smart phones? Again, yet another question that Mundie isn’t exactly addressing with his science fiction.

It’s not about processors and/or computing power, it’s about communications and collaboration – gmail being the proof in that pudding. And I suspect as said rival Google learns how to make implanting Google Aps so easy my 7-year-old could do it – Microsoft is going to have to go back and survive on monetizing compilers and development platforms until they catch-up.

And as anyone whose used WebParts in Visual Studio 2.0 can tell you, they’re not quite there yet, as they continue to release product that renders markup like it’s 1999!

As I’ve said before folks, mobile technologies are on the move. Concurrent communications and collaborations being two major workflow aspects that will be addressed with said mobility.

Either figure out how to address such disruptive technologies in serving your congregation online, or become yet another fossilized church and/or charity wondering why the congregation is made up of nothing but a diminishing number of seniors whose only thought is about how nice things used to be.

Sorta the way Mundie was waxing poetically about the desktop last night.

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