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Users upset over Google Analytics outage

“The [Google Analytics] service suffered outages of more than 24 hours this week, prompting affected users to wonder if Google intends to improve its performance and outage response … Most affected users reported problems on Tuesday and Wednesday, although some still experienced problems on Friday. In seemingly all cases, users could access their accounts but found that the Analytics dashboard reported significantly reduced or even zero traffic to their sites.” – Juan Carlos Perez, InfoWorld, May 25, 2007

Tell me about it! In fact I blogged about this very topic Wednesay myself in my post entitled: ‘Google Analytics Down for May 23? Or does my blog have zero visitors today?

An article Mr. Perez cites in the previously cited InfoWorld article when he writes:

“Judging by the feedback from affected users, it seems Google hasn’t reached out to them so far regarding this issue. ‘It would have been nice for Google to inform us about this and to not have had to pull my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong, thinking the problem had been caused by me,‘ said Dean Peters.

Peters, a software company product manager in Cary, North Carolina, uses Analytics for sites he maintains on his own time as personal projects, including HealYourChurchWebSite.com, and suffered a 12-hour stats blackout on Tuesday.

His frustration is echoed in many of the blog and forum postings.”

Well, technically my job title is “Produt Management Director” but close enough … and when I said I thought ‘the problem was caused by me‘ … I meant that I thought some formatting change and/or breaking in a blog post and/or in my server’s delivery may have been the culprit. I imagine others thought similarly, wasting time checking code, worrying about lost data, contingencies, etc …

Either way – article is accurate – and just goes to prove that if you don’t plan for overwhelming online success, then you’re likely to get overwhelmed by page and service requests! Likewise, if you’re using a popular ‘free-as-a-new-puppy’ application, you might also want to have a backup plan.

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