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Google Analytics Down for May 23? Or does my blog have zero visitors today?

It appears that Google Analytics is down – either that or those posting comments and sending emails via an article this morning are virtually invisible.

This is a bit odd – I decided to check my mid-day numbers via my Google Analytics account and what a surprise that after a day of comments and emails from this morning’s post, the analytics reported zero visits. Same result when I checked my numbers for my othe project:blogs4God.com – a site I know enjoys frequent visitations of the virtual kind.
Clearly someone or something is lying, and I don’t think it’s moi!.

Nor do several others on the Analytics trouble shooting group whom all seem to be experiencing the same zero hits as I. One individual there summing it up concisely when they write:

“It is reassuring to know that everyone is in the same boat.

And it would definitely help if Google would simply inform us somewhere that they are having problems.

It would save some hair-pulling, trying to figure out what went wrong, trying to figure out if the problem is on our end.”

So remember, if you’re visiting my site today – it doesn’t count – at least not to Google.

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