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Free eBook: Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging

Many ministries can benefit from publishing a blog: pastors their sermons, missionaries their work in the field, sunday school teachers their weekly studies, and so on. Just as many will benefit from the 30 documents by 30 blogging experts compiled and provided free in eBook format of Chitika Blog and the BlogBash.

Those of you in various full-time ministerial fields might be ‘sticker-shocked‘ if you had to go out an hire a single consultant, I’ll refer to a prior post to the ‘Mike Boyink scenario‘ speak that meme. This is why I suggest you print out the PDF/eBoook ‘Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging‘ read it religiously.

There may be items in it with which you disagree – but I also think there are many assertions made that are valid to anyone thinking of providing an ongoing, frequently updated, categorical and chronologic enumeration of their ministerial efforts.

Oh yes, and a bit hat tip to Ian’s Messy Desk – yet another resource blogging ministers, professional or layperson, should add to their aggregator (I’ll be adding it to my sidebar shortly).

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