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Time to re-factor my categories

Hate the categories at HealYourChurchWebSite? Hoping the sage physician would heal thyself, or at least his navigational? Well now is your time for input, as I’m going to refactor the categories on this site so they avoid the church-speak I rail so loudly about as I point out the speck in the navigational and content elements of church and charity web sites.

Physician, heal thyself I sometimes hear from some of the snarkier readers here when they remind me to yank the plank outta my eye while I’m busy pointing out the splinter in the ‘sites’ of others (yeah, I know that was a painful pun, it was supposed to be).

With the server upcoming server move, it’s time to get around to some much needed house cleaning. Along with toying with templates, it’s also time to re-factor my categories. Sure, the ‘Scripture-centric’ sluglines were cute, but they’re entirely unusable – and often the guilty of the “church speak” afflicting the navigation and content of so many church web sites.
For example: whom besides old Deano knows that Proverbs 13:13 is supposed to be a kind rebuke from a loving friend?

So now is your time to contribute some input on how you want my archival accumulations organized. Here is what I’m thinking:

  • About Us – actually, a little about me and a lot about the site, but about us is common and appears a lot shorter on the menu bar;
  • Useful URLs – basically bookmarks of various websites that contain tools, articles and other what-not for web designers that are … um … useful;
  • Reading Room – single articles elsewhere on the Internet that can help your car-wreck of a church website get back on the information highway;
  • Good Examples – amazing what happens when I practice what I preach, sorta self-explanitory, dontcha think?
  • Needs Healing – web sites that with some work, can break-out of the bondage that ensares such a great cloud of witlessness online;
  • Design Theology – basic tenets, expositories and sermonettes of good church web design;
  • Code Snippets – sometimes I write code to prove a point, this is where I’ll stow that stuff;
  • Jesus Wept – I know, I promised to avoid Scripture-based categories, but this one I’m going to employ for really, really good examples of really bad church web design that like an injured horse, are too far gone for healing.

Comments, questions, concerns? Speak now or forever hold your peace.


  1. This is good news, I have never understood your category titles. (Sorry.) :-P

    A couple of suggestions:

    - How about ‘Useful Links’ instead of ‘Useful URLs’. Some folks that end up here might not know what a URL is, but a link is pretty well known.

    - I don’t understand the difference between ‘useful URLs’ and ‘Reading Room’. Reading Room to me sounds more like your own articles rather than ‘single articles elsewhere on the Internet’, which would be, uh, links.

    - How about rather than ‘Jesus Wept’, you follow in the theme of ‘Needs Healing’ and call it ‘Needs Resurrection’ or ‘Needs CPR’ or something similar? That would tie the two similar categories together and avoid the obscure but snarky title that will leave readers going huh?

    There you go, you asked for it! :-D

  2. Actually, having church-speak categories isn’t necessarily a sin: if you go back and read Nielsen et al, you’ll realise that your website needs to talk to the people you’re targeting – and the target audience for HYCW is different to the target audience for church websites. Most church websites target mostly non-church people. But HYCW targets people building church websites, so church-speak isn’t necessarily bad.

    Just keep thinking about who is using your site and what they want to know, and you’ll be mostly ok.