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Prayers for my father – and an upcoming server move

For those who’ve emailed me best wishes and prayers for my father, thank you. It isn’t easy watching one’s life-hero fight the good fight against death. Yes, the situation is that serious – but with the prayers of the faithful, competent physicians and a fighting spirit on his part, I’m hoping I’ll have good news to report soon, instead of the grim news we have been receiving.

Also, this blog will likely be out of action sometime this weekend as I move it to another server. No big deal, just creating a situation where all our proverbial eggs are not in one basket – as well as moving HYCW into a situation that reflects more of what some of you managing church websites rather than the “whoopeee, do as I please dedicated server situationChuck Holton and I enjoy operating on behalf of some other sites.

Don’t worry, I’ll still have access to that server – I’m just distributed the load based on need.

Anyway, I know I’m rambling, in part because I’m out of the hospital for a few moments at a nearby StarBucks, blogging by leveraging my BlackBerry as a high-speed modem rather than pony up for the stupid T-Mobile connection situation the coffee franchise seems to have made the mistake of making – and is now suffering from as competing entities now give WiFi away for free.

But mostly pray for my father – I love him so much – I’m not ready to say goodbye; at least not ready for that on behalf of my young daughter whom I so desire to have some more time with him. Then again, when are any of us ready for that?

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