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One useful wiki: the C# Online.NET Encyclopedia

Some developer online resources are more equal than others. This meme is all the truer if you’re a C# coder – as sometimes it is hard to sift out the useful programmer wheat from the not-so-useful propaganda chaff that eminates from various corporate mouthpieces. One of the more useful resources I’ve recently found is Online.NET’s free C# and .NET wiki.

For those of you still not entirely up on ‘Web 2.0-speak,’ the WikiPedia defines a wiki as:

(IPA: [ˈwɪ.kiː] or [ˈwiː.kiː][1]) a website that allows visitors to add, remove, edit and change content, typically without the need for registration. It also allows for linking among any number of pages. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for mass collaborative authoring. The term wiki can also refer to the collaborative software itself (wiki engine) that facilitates the operation of such a site, or to specific wiki sites, including the computer science site WikiWikiWeb (the original wiki) and online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia.

So modifying my opening comment, some wikis are more useful than others, and if you are a Visual Studio.NET programmer then the C# Online.NET (CSharp-Online.NET) may indeed be your free C# and .NET encyclopedia ‘wiki’ of choice.

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