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HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard

Though I’ve been an advocate of tabeless layout for some time now, sometimes I’m mistaken for some type of anti-table zealot, looking to go all ‘Masda Incident‘ whenever I encounter any implementation of table taggery.

Folks, let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. Tables do have their value to me – as I suspect they have to you as well – for displaying, demonstrating and/or organizing data that is usually housed in tables; also referred to in technical parlance as ‘tabular data,’ ‘spreadsheets’ and/or ‘relational data.’

For such information, the table is a useful HTML entity – made all the moreso when combined with CSS to rid one’s tables of the crufty, deprecated row and column arguments that often collude the code of an otherwise perfect data display element with formatting.

A task made all the easier with the ‘HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard.’

Ladies and germs, I cannot even begin to describe how useful this simple tool has been for me … hopefully now for you as well.

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