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Mother of all CSS Rounded Corners Roundups

Curvaceous corners on a church web site?! Is that permissible? Is that even possible? Well yes to both – as today we enjoy sharing a link that has all the yumminess of chocolate ice cream without the remorse code maintenance that comes with it!

Rounded corners on a web site are like eating chocolate ice cream – you can’t resist the lure of the coca bean – but you have regrets the next morning when you step on the scale and realize you now have to hit the treadmill for 2.325 hours to work off the calories; the equivalent on the web site to the extra weight being the higher design and maintenance cycles that come with curvy layouts.

That said, there are sites out there to both demystify and perhaps make this particular design element easier to handle – or at least give us the impression it’s not so difficult and/or time consuming. I’m talking about how-to pages and rounded corner code generator web sites that make shooting your foot clean-off a snap!

Fortunately for me, while I was looking for just such a site – look what I found first:

Smiley Cat Web Design’s "CSS Rounded Corners ‘Roundup‘."

Which is a pleasant first as I usually fund such useful urls at the end of a death march through Google’s extremeties. Anyway, having found this useful site that lists other useful sites that are all about helping you ‘round-out’ your church website, I figured I’d share.

I guess the next step is actually implemented some of the curvaceous corners generated from some of these site son my blogs4God/pligg-ish do-over. Anyone wanna help?

And whether you want to help or not – at least drop a love note and let me know which of the techniques listed over at the SmileyCat website you like; I’m partial to the various offerings at 456 Berea Street, but that’s just me.

One Comment

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of round corner links. I was excited about this and ready to add rounded corners to my new layout, but I’m overwhelmed.

    Any of them qualify as ’round corners for dummies’?