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On second thought, it is WordPress

Been quiet here – because I’ve been struggling. In part, struggling with CivicSpace as I struggle to get blogs4God back on its feet. Struggling also with a generously provided copy of ExpressionEngine – truly a world-class publishing tool, but truly too much overkill for the simple blogging I’d like to do here.

I plan to write more on how ExpressionEngine is the right tool for many of you producing professional-quality turnkey content management systems for your clients and/or employer – much more because there’s many good things about it.

But for what I need to do here, I’ve finally realized that I want something simpler and a bit ‘stupider’ – mostly because that’s what we’re dealing with at all but the mega-church level. That ‘C+’ student tool would be WordPress and I’m going to be blogging like a mad-man once I transition my current MovableType implementation that way.

Yeah, I’ll probably write about how CivicSpace might work for your church website – but considering the flaming hoops I’ve just jumped through, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have approached the blogs4God project with an ExpressionEngine solution.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it – for now.

One Comment

  1. I have a question.

    I realise that there is no one tool for complete web development. However, in searching the internet and looking at WordPress, Drupal and a host of other blog/CMS programmes a question rose in my mind:

    It seems that I could choose one programme that covers most of what I want to do, or select specific programmes that specialise in different areas.

    I could use Drupal as a cover all, blog, forum, etc. Or I could use WordPress for the blog, PHPBB for the forum, Gallery for the photos.

    The real question is which avenue is better?

    If you learn Drupal well, it seems easier to maintain and upgrade, but then you may not get quite the functionality that a specialist programmes may give.

    However, specialist programmes require more learning and I would imagine a longer update cycle. Plus the fact that you then have no continuity of how the site looks, and end up with many mini-sites doing different things. Having said tha with the advent of Fantiastico and Simple Scripts installing these things is but a click away!

    I hope you can see where I am coming from, and would appreciate your input. At the moment, I’m unsure which way to turn.