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So here’s the plan – which includes ExpressionEngine and Sokkit

Yes, we’ve been a bit quiet, only because of a lot of server reshuffling of several other sites I run (or used to run). So here is the very short-term plan:

  1. Move old MovableType version of HYCW over to the new server (sometime this week)
  2. Upgrade my Sokkitlicense
  3. Install ExpressionEngine on local PC equipped with Sokkit
  4. Design EE-based site locally, perhaps while on plane from Singapore to NYC as I return from the Microsoft Tech·Ed Asia 2005 conference.
  5. Beat mod_rewrite until I can get it to properly redirect my ‘well indexed links
  6. Bug the mess outa Mike Boyink for ideas and advice on EE while convincing him that Sokkit is the next best thing to sliced bread
  7. Design EE-based
  8. Install ExpressionEngine on server, port up content using my own advice regarding MySQLDump backups.
  9. Sit back and wait for all the snarky comments

At least that’s my plan … let’s see what happens when it runs head-long into the cruel reality of … well the real World.


  1. Yeeeaaaahhhh! Expression Engine rocks! And yep – Mike is an EE guru (I’m sort of pleased with myself that I posted a comment before he did!).


  2. Uh, this guru was getting caught up on sleep from a long weekend of garage time…;)

    I still feel like I know pM better, but am starting to get my arms around EE.

    Glad to see you’re going that route.

    Man, for $10/mo I don’t mess with the server stuff…:D

  3. I’m in the midst of re-designing the Toongabbie Anglican Church (http://www.toongabbieanglican.org) site onto Expression Engine.

    Decided on EE after seeing what Luke had done with it on http://www.sydneyanglicans.net/.

  4. OK – 2 questions for you:

    1. Why Sokkit? Why not XAMPP (in particular XAMPP Lite)?

    2. Why did you end up with ExpressionEngine over WordPress?

  5. Nice approach! I’ve been developing with something similar ( but with WAMP – http://www.wampserver.com/en/index.php ) and it has worked out well for being able to develop without being tetherd to an internet connection – as well as a built-in backup/development environment.

    Then using something like TotalCommander or FTPSyncronize to upload file changes to the server.

    EE looks very nice. I’ve been using Mambo ( http://www.mamboserver.com ) and been very happy with it. It is blog-centric – like EE, but is free and has more features. BUT – it does not have the user/group security like EE – yet.