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When it Rains it Pours

What a wonderful aphorism, and how wonderfully it explains my situation: “When it Rains it Pours.”

Ever since our server belched on some Christmas turkey, we’ve had a host of problems — and now it appears my blog’s layout is busted -at least for you users of Microsoft Internet Explorer (now isn’t that a change?-). Not quite sure how that happened but bear with me as I seek out a fix.

I’ll probably go through a site redesign, I’ve been been inspired by some recent entries over at the CSS Zen Garden – not one idea, but a little mix of this and that … with the possibility of some of this one and a pinch of that for good measure.

What’s interesting is though I’m putting in a ton of hours at my new job … I’m also getting to the point where such CSS issues aren’t all that hard … though I’m continually surprised by all the hacks required due to browser bugs.

So bear with me … as I now have to fix both my layout AND my comments … ugh. Perhaps it’s time to explore ExpressionEngine? I suppose, just so long as I can get Scripturizer to port …

… by the by, a special spam-friendly shout-out to all the good folks at who tried to illegally login to our server.

UPDATE: as for the suggestion ovr at Areopagitica to use .Blog … well, possibly if I were to go the .NET route, but I’m still partial to the whole Linux/Apache stuff for my own personal websites. Besides, I’ve been having some fun imagining the possibilities of supporting several sites with a single install of tools such as Krang and/or Bricolage.


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  2. Sorry about your luck with the site, Dean. I’m looking forward to seeing the new HYCW.

    I’ve got a question about those CSS examples you posted above. The last of the 4 has the same problem I’ve got at my site. Namely, that you can’t select text for copy and paste. Click and drag and you get an all or nothing highlight. It’s the whole site on the link above, on mine it’s only down the page past the end of the left side menu. I haven’t been able to figure that one out and woudl love some insight into it. The other three links above don’t have the problem and it also doesn’t occur in Forefox, only IE.

  3. Maybe you should have a contest to have people redesign your site. Or atleast have a contest to design you a logo. I’m sure you have enough talented readers that this type of thing could be fun.

  4. Hey – comments are back! Cool deal.

    Salgoud – that text select/paste issue is an IE Bug. Most annoying, but another reason to use FF.

    Duane…I think Dean is quite capable of creating a new design….;)

    Dean…was I supposed to call you again? I forget…

  5. Dean…

    Hope it all works out for you. Like salguod, I’m eager to see what you come up with. If you have a minute after the smoke clears, drop me a line sometime. In the meanwhile, I’ll settle for the Colts geting past NE this afternoon.

  6. Have you thought of using WordPress? The 1.5 CVS nightlies are very cool.

  7. Dean…

    Thanks for many nice-to-read articles.

    You mentioned ExpressionEnging. it is a
    commerical software.

    What is your view on FOSS content engines? Any recommendation on this?

  8. To Boyink…I didn’t suggest that dean wasn’t capable of redesigning his site. I just thought that something of the like could be fun…

    When did you become his mother??

  9. Since last week…as soon as the adoption papers clear the courts anyway..;)

    Non face-to-face communication rears its head again…what I intended to say was that I think Dean enjoys designing sites, so having a contest to design a site for him is kinda like taking away a kids favorite toy.

    Herman – EE is a commercial offering, from the folks at pMachine.com. Since pMachine was discontinued last week, I’ll be migrating a bunch of sites from pMachine to EE. It costs $200 USD (for a commercial license, $149 USD for non-commercial), but is well worth it IMHO.