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RatherNot – a MoveableType Plug-in for the ages

I wrote an article for ZDNet, once. I think it was back in 1989 when I reviewed some books on the topic of C programming and MIDI. So imagine my utter shock and disappointment when I couldn’t get through the reception desk after I called about John Borland’s article entitled “this” title=”C|Net – Bloggers drive hoax probe into Bush memo”>Bloggers drive hoax probe into Bush memos.”

the article correctly identifies bloggers as the grimy guys (and gals) in the bowels of the ship stoking the political furnace, but some of John Bo’s pejoratives regarding the (lack of) journalistic talents of bloggers was a bit over the top. think about it, C|Net is geared at geeks, why torque them off withthe blog that lit the fire”>detailed, expert-sounding implications‘ of amateurism? Indeed!

So it is with much acrimony that I unleash upon the blogosphere a MovableType plug-in that once and for all settles the argument of whether or not the CBS/60 Minutes Bush Memos (C/6BM) are frauds:

Just cut-n-paste this bad boy in your plug-ins directory and the rest is history. the RatherNot option should appear in your Text Formatting drop-down near the bottom of your post edit screen/form. Oh yeah, it helps if you’re using MovableType 2.6 or better.

As always, use at your own risk, absolutely no warrantees offered. And for my cult members, leave comments of patches, updates and/or suggestions of other text transformations that might further the cause — or at least improve the code.



  1. Hope you don’t mind, Dean, if I converted your artwork to a WordPress text filter! :-)


    (Note: this is just an additional filter you can add to the Text Filter Suite plugin)

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  3. Dan Rather should be fired! He is so biased and as far as I am concerned a “has been!” I will not watch newscasts or 60 Minutes as long as he is on it nor will I buy the sponsors product! P. Stephenson Florida

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