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The Amazing Bouncing Bible!

I love the ministry Mean Dean provides through this blog. Sometimes I’ll forward him small tokens of appreciation in the form of a link to a church web site that could use a healing touch, a news article of interest to Christian geeks, a site promoting a happier web experience, or a testimony to the “great cloud of witlessness.” So, last week when I noticed a kitschy new site in the #1 slot of the Fundamental Top 500, I had to pass it along. The home page sported, what I affectionately labeled, “The Amazing Bouncing Bible!” A cartoonish looking KJV 1611 shimmied across the screen and ricocheted within the browser window like a self-propelled pong puck. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. The thing took Jesus Junk to a whole new level.

Dean felt that the site’s funky feature provided a good example of what not to do and he asked me to do a guest blog entry on it. I quickly agreed and then realized that I hadn’t a clue what the site was even about. On my first visit to the churchpoetry.com, I never looked past the moving graphic in the foreground. Which brings me to my main point. Apparently, the site owner thought that the bouncing Bible was very cool, but it completely detracted from his message. Remember, “Content is King“. Everything on your site should enhance and serve that content. If it doesn’t, leave it off.

UPDATE: The Church Poetry site has now removed the bouncing Bible but they have replaced it with an undulating string of text chasing your cursor around the screen. (sigh)

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