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World Ends as we know it – Yahoo & Google go 503

I’m not sure what’s up with this:
Google goes 503

Or this:
yahoo goes 503

But I guess it might not hurt if both parties read this:
37 Signals – Contingency Design: Maximizing Online Profitability By Helping People When Things Go Wrong.’

In the meantime, hellloooo Visisimo!


  1. I went and tried Yahoo! and Google, and they seem to be working fine. Pity I missed the spectacle. Thanks for the links though. I had never heard of Visisimo. It looks like a good search engine. My favorite has always been AltaVista. I was sad when I heard Yahoo! bought them out. For a while, AltaVista had an experimental engine called Raging Bull. I used it for a while and really liked. I can’t find it anymore though.

  2. Seems as though Google and other search engines were under DNS attacks.

  3. Yeah – from MyDoom.O according to this mornings news. Is there no end to the inhumanity? :(

  4. From my browser’s perspective, your pictures have gone 503!

  5. I work in the online ad/search industry, and though to mention that you should all ignore Google and Yahoo’s claims about yesterday and trust your gut. They both claim that it wasn’t that bad…but when the largest site in the world (Yahoo) and the largest advertiser-driven and natural search site in the world (Google) are down, that’s a big deal.

  6. What is wrong with you? Using IE in 2004? I thought you cared about web development. . . . Get Firefox now!

  7. Basil: look, he’s using the default Luna theme. This has gotta be some kind of irony. Would have been more effective, though, if he had a comet cursor toolbar installed or something like that just to sorta underline the intention.