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What about Churches that use blogware?

A number of you have been emailing me about the results of my “Call for URLs of ministry websites that started with free Blogger.”

First, let me say THANK YOU! The response in both comments and private email has been overwhelming and assisted me greatly in writing my first of many hard-copy articles for Christian Computing Magazine in my new column: “Heal Your Church Website.”

I wanted to surprise you guys (and gals) but there’s been a steady stream of “Hey, what’s the deal? Where’s the list?” type of emails from the HYCW faithful.

That said, I’m waiting for the July/August edition to hit the stands before I publish the list both here and at b4G. This will give the readers of the article a couple dozen well-done sites to see; all using blogging software as a form of content management and/or web publishing &mdash ‘on the cheap.‘ This in turn will generate more site traffic for those of you who were kind and generous enough to send me your links. So be a bit more patient, I promise it won’t be long.

For those of you who are HYCW cult members … feel free to say “you knew me when!.”

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  1. That is an awesome oppurtunity to get to write a column for Christian Computing Magazine! I may have to subscribe just to read your columns. For some reason the link to the Christian Computing Magazine’s website in your article doesn’t work. I got a 404 error when I clicked on it. I added “www.” before the address, and it worked fine though.