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Two Good Free Tutorial Resources

Perhaps one of my favorite quotes about HYCW comes from Martin Roth where he described this site as:

“It’s a niche blog on its way to becoming a cult blog.” – Martin Roth

If there is any truth to this then I command you, my faithful followers, to visit and then add the following useful URLs to your permalinks:

For those of you who dare question my authority, here are two good reasons why:

  1. They are indeed useful on a number of subjects we discuss here at HYCW; and
  2. I owe this guy an apology for initially flaming him up as a spammer when he first emailed me

Great Topics

Here are just a few of the pertinent topics you can print out and take with you to the ‘reading room‘ during your ‘smoke break‘:

  • Adware – a problem that plagues our personal computers as well as those at the church office; especially when your 65 year-old-retiree/volunteer is overrun with excessive advertising popups for gambling and snake oil schemes when she’s trying related links for the Vacation bible school program.

    The The Computer Technology Documentation Project discusses how these programs infect your machine by employing nasty tricks such as making sure the respawning the adware processes when users try to use the task manager to stop them and/or crippling the TCP/IP stack on your computer if you remove the adware.

  • spam – anyone who’s read my site for any length of time knows how I despise spam. In fact, it is my daily struggle with individuals offering breast enlargement remedies, get rich quick schemes and questionable reciprocal link programs that caused me to rough up the good and gracious guy who runs both of today’s recommended sites on first contact … more on that later.

    Aside from offering some good tutorials related to fighting the good fight against spam, there is also a good discussion on the feasibility of various solutions and why the work or don’t work.

  • Internet scams – More than once, I’ve been contacted from a church staff member suspicious of an email they’ve received, supposedly from someone at PayPal, asking them for credit card information. I’ve also captured emails sent to staff members from individuals representing themselves as the “RedlandBaptist.org Development Team” trying to obtain username and passwords.

    The The Computer Technology Documentation Project offers a series of highly informative articles entitled Avoiding Internet Traps … mandatory reading … there will be a test.

  • Viruses – Just last week we discussed a ‘Trojan Horse‘ program that injected itself onto a computer simply by visiting a maliciously scripted website by means of a legitimate website that has been hacked to redirect your browser to the offending site.

    The The Computer Technology Documentation Project offers some easy-to-read and implement solutions that even your pastor will understand.

  • Free Tutorials – Along with the aforementioned security issues, The Computer Technology Documentation Project a number of helpful and FREE tutorials that teach geeky technologies such as networking, HTML, XML, Linux and Windows in plain English terms (or as much as is possible for such topics).
  • Mea Culprit

    Nothing like yanking the old plank outta my own eye, huh?

    One of the reasons I want you to visit these sites is because I was a cranky boy last Friday. With the wife and daughter out of town for the week, with only one week to write a DVD device interface for a mission critical project, and being on a rather strict diet and exercise program (little calories coupled with walking or swimming four to six miles a day) I replied to Mark Zehner with a rather embarrassing nasty-gram when he emailed to inform me of his site when he addressed it generically to “Dear Webmaster.”

    Please note, I’m not making excuses, I’m just trying to break the news to my cult members as gently as possible, that their fearless leader has feet of clay.

    Mark, I hope this suffices as a good public apology for our private exchange. Thanks for being gracious enough to reply back and help me work through this. Just be aware your initial email was addressed, and read quite a bit like, so many of those dubious reciprocal link program spams I get once or twice a month. Meanwhile, I’ll make myself a bit less trigger-happy and more aware that not everyone who informs me of such useful sites has anything other in mind than to help out the rest of the Internet community.

    FYI, addressing me as “Mean Dean” or just plain old “Dean” is good enough for me … as I said in my email, after having lived 10 years in NYC, I’ve been called worse.


  1. Been drinking the HYCW kool-aid for two years now, and it’s still a daily stop! Keep it up, Dean, it’s great stuff.