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For my blog’s 2nd birthday, a political website review

Cheryl Musgrave for County CommissionerJust as John Kerry won’t let a day pass without a reminder of his service in Viet Nam, neither can I pass up this opportunity to mention that I was the contributing author for Vincent Flanders’ “Son of Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design,” one of the books that inspired my personal mission to eradicate the “great could of witlessness that is the Church online:” Heal Your Church Website .Com.

A ‘techBlog’ and a passion of mine that is officially two years old as of today.

Which is why I’m posting an abbreviated website review originally posted on JoshClaybourn.com entitled “A Review of the Cheryl Musgrave for Campaign Website.

An effort that was bit time consuming but fun, because just as oooh so many church websites are sinfully bad; so it is also true with political websites. With this in mind, I’d like to do the same for a campaign site Josh created for next Commissioner of Vanderburgh County, Indiana: Cheryl Musgrave.


YAITS is an acronym coined by Vincent Flanders for “Yet another Industry that Sucks.” As county commissioner campaign sites go, the Cheryl Musgrave campaign site does a far better job of presenting a professional image and avoiding the YAITS label than some others I found online while researching county commisoner campain websites, for example:

  1. Elect LaRae Millward for Bannock County Commissioner
  2. Elect Jack Kilroy Lorain County Commissioner
  3. Elect Brian Blair, Hillsborough County Commissioner, Florida Campaign

In comparison it is clear that the Honorable Mrs. Musgrave’s website is off to a good start; that with some help could finish great. The good points being the ‘tone’ and the basic informational layout, the not so good points being the download times, some missing or incorrectly rendered elements. Below are the bullet points, for gory details of the good, the bad and the ugly, visit my review on Josh’s site.

10 Minute Healing

What would I do if I were only given 10 minutes to heal this page?

  • I’d batch process the bloated images through IrfanView;
  • change the title tags of each of the pages to reflect their navigation choice;
  • drop the duplicate menu choice for Musgrave Gear;
  • change the names of the pages to reflect the navigation choice;
  • change “Media Room” to “News”, “In the News” or even “News Room”;
  • add contact information to the bottom of each page;
  • add a robots.txt page to help search engines along;
  • strip all hyperlink elements of the target=”new” and target=”_blank” arguments!

One Day Miracle

If given a bit more time to fix things, I’d do all of the above then focus my attention on the following items:

  • Add an issues page.
  • Write a program to insert the blog & news page titles into the navigation menu
  • Add XML/RSS or even Atom syndication file

What about you guys/gals, got any suggestions on how to improve this good, but not yet great page? Visit my review on Josh’s site and either there or here, leave love note and we’ll discuss.

Got a hot job prospect or a contact for me in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina? Drop me a line.


  1. Happy Birthday, HYCW.com!

  2. Hey Dean,

    I’ve tried to email you 3 times now and everything bounces. We must have something going on since you said your email bounced to my address also. Would love to hook up with you sometime. I’ll buy since I’m going to suck all the knowledge out of your cranium.

    Do you live on Briarwood?

  3. Rong … yes …. and email is bouncing big because I think your MX record is a bit confused

    … either that my recent DNS problemos got in the way.

  4. Happy 2nd! :)

    (I’d also redesign the entire site to be table-less. Blech!)