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MIT Gallery of Hacks: a Day Late but worth every dollar

I love clever parody. Clever meaning it doesn’t include the dispensing of bodily fluids or gasses, nor is it a puerile re-hash of the farmer’s daughter joke. So yesterday, before I got snowed under by a pile of work, I had planned on posting here some very clever parodies, jokes and pranks that come under the “old school” definition of ‘hacks’ as defined by fun-loving geeks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Great BeanieFor example, one of my all time favorite – ‘wish I had done that‘ – tributes to geek headgear is The Great Beanie hack. The only thing missing are the thick framed glasses (secured at the bridge with thick white medical tape and/or at the hinge with a safety pin) and/or the pocket protector.

postit Trogdor collage
Of course, this post being a belated tribute April 1st, and as the Internet’s #1 StrongBad devotee, I howled with glee when I set my eyes upon the April 1, 2003 Post-It Notes™ collage of Trogdor. Burninating good fun!

Anyway, hope everyone survived April 1 without too many shenanigans. Sorry for being a day late, but I can assure you you’ll never feel a dollar short when you visit the ‘The MIT Gallery of Hacks..’

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. If you ever go to MIT, you can visit their museum which has a room containing an exhibition of selected hacks!

  2. *sighs* I’ll have to ask my friend David about these… No doubt he’s been part of some of them…