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Greetings from Amman Jordan!

I have to run to dinner with the group of journalist the Jordan Tourism Bureau has graciously invited. But just a quick note, the hotel in which I’m staying has a nice firewall. So nice that I wasn’t initially able to use my email.

Like many of you using inexpensive hosting services that offer a Linux/Apache configuration and a CPanel control panel, I intended to used the webmail to send messages to my wife and family that I’m okay. Well, guess what, port 2082 is blocked.

That is until I found the “Free Proxy Servers List on Port 80” website.

A quick modification to the webrowser (, and viola, I could login to CPanel using basic authorization, then from there, navigate to port 2095 where my email exists.

Just a quick FYI for those of you who might be on a mission trip somewhere and in the same fix.

One other note, be polite. Put things back the way you found them when you’re done. More from Amman at blogJordan.com and blogs4God.com tonight after dinner.


  1. I’ve also found http://www.e-mailanywhere.com to be incredibly useful. It can connect to any POP server without doing any sort of setup, just use your login info and you’re set. You can also set it up to retrieve from multiple servers as well. I had to use it last week when my computer was in the shop.

  2. Yes, those are useful sites. I recommend using the SSL mode to ensure that no one is listening on to your email session. Fortunately, my personal email account is secured behind SSL that it’s the only way I can access it.

    Note for Dean only: You might want to put an ALT tag on your header logo before someone critizes you for not practicing what you preach ;].

  3. Daniel – Dean’s logo is a background image, so it can’t be given an alt tag.

  4. FWIW, you can get directly to CPanel’s web mail stuff on port 2096… maybe that port isn’t blocked if you happen to want to connect without a proxy. :-)