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I’ll tell you a little secret, I’d rather be in the Research Triangle Park area than Rockville, MD. You see, I’m just North (ern U.S.) enough that the early winter storms such as the one that’s going to visit us tonight doesn’t come down as fluffy white snow flakes. No, the stuff we get comes down in the convenient consistency of a 7-11 Slurpee®. This in turn makes navigating about town a slippery and often dangerous endeavour. Which is why I’ve already abandoned my car in the middle of I-270 … I wanted to get a good spot … but I digress.

Speaking of slick navigation (like that segue?-), Rich over at the Aisquith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD sent me this nice note in response to yesterday’s post:

Layout-O-Matic is absolutely the COOLEST thang I have *ever* seen. Not only did I get my non-java link bar that I have always wanted – but it allowed me to get rid of the Front Page Nav Bar that nobody ever was able to see the way the program said it should appear. I was even able to learn how to hand code some of it. Thanks for the info!!!!!

I believe the navigation solution Rich is referring to is the another tool on the same website entitled “The Amazing Rolloverer.” A nifty little utility to generate some even niftier CSS rollovers that work with a majority of browsers.

But there’s more! Being an original Baltimoron (pronounced baldamorun) myself, I can’t resist offering a bit more help for my ‘Charm City’ homies in the form of a link to Accessify.com’s List-o-matic. This cool online tool walks you through the steps to turn unordered lists (<ul><li>…) into very fast, very accessible, easy to manage text-based rollover menus that deprecate nicely with older browsers.

Now if we could just convince the that villian Irsay to return the Colts name and uniform to Baltimore, all will be right with the Universe.


  1. > I’d rather be in the Research Triangle Park area
    Be careful what you wish for. This is this first anniversary of the Great Piedmont Ice Storm. We were without power for 8 days. Still, I’d rather be here than in northern Ohio in the winter.

  2. You wanted to get a good spot. Heh! Spoken like someone who has lived through a winter or two.

  3. Nope – I actually used List-O-Matic, now that I look at it. It does work – and I like the effect a whole lot better that what I had before. Any reason why I should have used The Amazing Rollover instead?


  4. There is another “Listamatic” site at http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/index.htm with a large number of CSS lists and nav menus. One of my favorites from there is … it has a windows feel to it that my clients seem to like.


  5. Granted, it probably would’ve been all better if Irsay had left the Colts name and look in Baltimore, but you got another football team and a Super Bowl title. Something we’re still waiting for in Indy. I feel for ya, but man I love our Colts.