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W3C Home Page Table-less Layout: HOWTO and FAQ

I received some nice personal emails and a cool comment a couple of months ago when I blogged what I call a drive-by-post entitled “Jumpstart your site with Layout-o-Matic,” a site that gets you into the tableless layout game without having to fully understand what makes it work.

For that, may I suggest the “W3C Home Page Table-less Layout: HOWTO and FAQ,” a document that describes how they put into practice what they preach with their own webpages. And if that doesn’t row your boat, then perhaps my meta-blog post entitled “The Mother of all Table Talks” will row your boat.

Speaking of boats, and entirely unrelated to this topic, why not check out the Ship-of-Fools Signs and Blunders page … then do whatever it takes to keep your website from contributing content to it.

And speaking of contributing unrelated content, please let me know if any of you are putting together your own advent guides, meaning they can be your church’s and/or your personal advent guide. I want to create a quick compendium of such sites over at blogs4God.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to figure out why Chuck Holton’s HomesteadingToday.com went 403 on us … perhaps its time for a dedicated server?


  1. Very timely, I have been dealing with some of these issues. Thanks.

  2. You’re blogging. So you must not be swamped anymore.

  3. Layout-O-Matic is absolutely the COOLEST thang I have *ever* seen. Not only did I get my non-java link bar that I have always wanted – but it allowed me to get rid of the Front Page Nav Bar that nobody ever was able to see the way the program said it should appear. I was even able to learn how to hand code some of it. Thanks for the info!!!!!


  4. I can’t believe it! I work hard to make my site a Table-free bonanza and then someone goes and creates the tools that do it for you! :o )

    That looks like a great tool. Glad you’re highlighting this issue (I might add, at last!).