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A reminder to check your listserv policies and permissions

This morning I woke up to a surpise, a listserv I had set up for the Men’s Saturday Morning Breakfast ministry had been spammed. Here’s how it happened. On the frontpage of Redland Baptist, we have a link to a listserv for general information. This link takes you to a form. If you nibble back the URL, you come upon a list of all of RBC’s listservs. Once the spammer has this list, they subscribe to the list, reply to the confirmation email, spam the list, then unsubscribe.

How do I prevent this in the future? First thing is I block known spammers. Second, not only now does and individual have to confirm an email to join the list, but they must wait for me to approve them. I’m also going to deny inline HTML, attachments and other junk. I’m also doing a few other insidious things … including setting up a list that is engineered to catch future spammers.

My advice to you? Take a few minutes this weekend to check the permissions and policies before the same happens to you. Unfortunately these people are without shame or conscience.

In the meantime, I want to thank the following spammers for making me aware of this issue. I hope that my well index blog brings you all the attention you hoped you would garner from spamming one of my church’s listserv:

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