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Oh for the love of Strangers … PhiloxeniaWeb

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrew 13-2

For those of you who don’t speak pure Greek … philoxenia is the anglicized transliteration of the word filoceniða. A word the Thayer’s and Smith’s Bible Dictionary over at Crosswalk defines as “ love to strangers or hospitality.”

Why the Greek lesson? I was checking my referrer logs last night as I was trying to keep up on the MovableType Comment Spam situation (for which there is now a plug-in solution) when I saw this wonderful word for hospitality as part of a domain name. I followed it, and there they had this site listed as a resource for church web sites. I poked around a bit more, and found discovered that they are a reasonably priced web host that describes itself as:

Discount web hosting for individuals, churches, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Now I haven’t used their services, but on the surface, their 20%-off the $75-per-year-plan for churches looks like it has just about everything a small to medium sized church needs to create a substantive web presence (that divides into $5 per month for those of you in Rio Linda). It also looks like a good place to set up a blog (e.g. Paratheke.net).

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive web host for your church or charity, I’d suggest giving PhilonexiaWeb a look see. And if you do go with them, make sure you come back to this post and leave a comment either way.


  1. Our church uses Jiffynet – http://www.jiffynet.net

    We’re on a $US20/year plan which gives us 100Mb disk space, 5 MySql databases, 20 pop accounts, PHP, Perl, Cron jobs, 20Gb of data transfer, SSH access, subdomains, etc, etc.

    So far they’ve been great.


  2. For web hosting, here’s another suggestion: http://www.pjlhosting.com