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Jumpstart your site with Layout-o-Matic

Okay, for you weekend warriors coding-up a storm for your new church or charity website, here’s a cool tool that’ll help you get a jump on the layout … the InkNoise Layout-o-Matic.

It’s so easy … you select a layout type, width, and other options to the left, and then click … then you can either view or download the code.

From what I’ve seen, and what they claim on their site, the Layout-o-Matic will render a layout that is compatible across a variety of non 4.x browsers.

Of course, this also means you now have no excuse for not going tableless!-)


  1. Thanks a lot for both links here. I’m somewhat new to CSS and all the advanced things that can be done with it. It’s exciting to see the possiblities, and these links have me itching to experiment and try new things.

    God bless you!