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XSD Schema Validator

This is for the two of you out there who like me, find from time to time you’ve got a run-away schema …

… GoDotNet’s XSD Schema Validator. This page allows you to validate an XML documents against an W3C XML Schema (XSD) or an XML Data-Reduced (XDR) schema,
verify the schemas are valid, or simply check the well-formedness of XML documents. Different actions are taken depends on the submitted information which include:

  • Check well-formedness of an XML document if it is submitted.
  • Check validity of a schema if it is submitted.
  • Validate the XML document against a schema,
    if both a schema and an XML document are submitted and
    the XML document has a namespace declaration that matches the
    namespaceURI (and the targetNamespace in the XSD schema).

Yes, I know this is total geek speak, I’ll make it up with a church web site review tomorrow. But I’m bookmarking this one because it helped me discover that my programatic database-generated XSD was in one mode, duplicating an element that had previous been declared … odd for an application that didn’t run into this this problem in over 1.5 years of daily operation.

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