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Test web page load time Web Page Analyzer

Yes, now you too can test the load time of your web pages with the Web Page Analyzer.

All you do is a URL in a text box, click the ‘Submit Query’ button and sit back and wait for this free online service to calculate page size, composition, and download time of your page.

Not only that, but the script also calculates the size of individual elements and finds the total for each type of web page component and then offers some ‘cursory advice‘ on how to improve page display time.

Note, I only said ‘cursory advice‘ in comparison to the book the site also sells, simply entitled “Speed Up Your Web Site.” In it you will find even more glorious details on how to put your web site on a diet.

Considering the numerous, and sometimes painful reviews on this web site regarding bloated church and charity web sites, and fact that Martin Roth once called this site “a niche blog on its way to becoming a cult blog,” I am commanding you, my faitheful followers, to bookmark the Web Page Analyzer page … and seriously consider “buying the book.”

Now go test your site and bloat no more.


  1. Hey, what are you cheating or something? I just ran http://healyourchurchwebsite.com/ through the thing and was impressed with the incredible load time. Then I got to the bottom of the page and realize you are serving them a 403 forbidden for some reason. hmmm.