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TypePad, a cool publishing tool:

Brought to you by the same talented people that brought you MovableType, TypePad bills itself as:

the simplest and most powerful service for publishing full featured weblogs and photo albums.

Hey, who am I to argue that? Having been part of their beta test process, I myself would now subscribe to their reasonably priced service if I wasn’t such a Perl-headed geek.

That said, I can see where many a youth minister doesn’t want to become an expert in regular expressions and/or the finer points of recursion versus iteration.

I can also see where many a youth or music minster also doesn’t want to maintain a full-blown church web site, yet has a need to communicate to those involved with their ministry on a frequent basis.

Add to this a need to post photographs of events, and to allow those laypersons in leadership positions to contribute compelling content and you can see where a nice weblog can serve as a flexible and convenient means to get their message out online.

To me, TypePad is a resonably priced solution that fits these needs, without the fits and starts one gets from a variety of ‘free‘ blogging services.
Moreover, the pricing structure is such that you can upgrade your package to buy into feature such as scheduled posting, email blogging as well as maintain multiple blogs.

If you’re not pleased with some of the “weight” some of these “comprehensive church content management services” are offering, then why not give TypePad a look?


  1. I learned to blog on Blogger, but as I wandered the blogosphere, I began to envy folks who used MovableType. …So when the TypePad train came along, I jumped on!

  2. I am tempted, but I have a large investment in blogger archives. I have been searching the web for information about conversion to typepad and have found nothing. Do you know of any resources.

  3. Don, we’ve got some simple tools for importing all of your Blogger entries, and if you have any problems with the process of converting to TypePad, we’ve got help built right into the system to assist you in getting started. We’d love to have you give TypePad a try!

  4. Don, I successfully imported all of my Blogger entries into TypePad. All you do is temporarily change your Blogger template, republish everything, then have TypePad suck it in. (But it won’t import comments; if you want to preserve those, you have to copy-and-paste.)

  5. Not to mention there’s a great user community:http://blog.liquidvolt.com/typepad/index.php and an unofficial resources page:http://everythinghurts.typepad.com/resources/

    Yay Typepad & all that :)