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The forking of b2 …

One of the things that make MovableType so popular is its extensibility. For example, with no small effort, I was able to create plug-ins and templates that elevated this blogging tool into a simple content management system. Of course, this is fine if you know and enjoy the Perl, as I do.

For others, PHP is their poison, so it is not surprising to find many fine PHP-based blogging tools. One such system is b2. Because of its Open Source nature, one can customize the output into a variety of formats, such as a church web site.

That said, as with many Open Source products, the developer has moved on to other interests. As a result, three ‘forks’ of this popular blogging tool have recently arisen. Derivatives you may find useful if you are looking for a blogging tool as the basis for your church or charities content managlement system. Here they are in no particular order:

Each has strengths and weaknesses. I personally would lean towards whatever tool has a broader appeal. Not because I want to be in the popular crowd, but because I want to hitch up with a product that’s going to be around for a while.

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