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ReUseIt Makeover or Design Eye for the Usability Guy

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Maryland, so no sense sitting inside the house when I can spend time digging a 24′x12″x12″ drainage ditch along the left side of my back patio (and yes, I’m still sore from doing the right side yesterday). That said, I know some of you are either fighting blazing heat, or for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere – are snuggled-up next to the fireplace. So for those of you who aren’t able or willing to go frolicking about the woods with nothing but a butterfly net, I have a fun assignment for an otherwise lazy Sunday – win valuable prizes by redesigning Jakob Nielsen’s Useit.Com.

Yes, we all complain about how boring and dull Dr. Neilsen’s site appears, but finally, someone has gone a bit further than ‘kvetching’ and is putting their time and money towards a contest to give the big-guy’s site a facelift. That someone would be the folks over at BuiltForTheFuture.com.

Here are some fun quotes from the contest frontpage that might inspire you to fire up DreamWeaver and TopStyle together a site that if used, would probably lead to a book deal, or at least copious hits to your website or blog:

Here’s the idea: create a redesign of Jakob Nielsen’s useit.com. Design a usable, intuitive layout and navigation, organize the content with usability in mind, and create a work of art which still reflects the importance and influence of Nielsen’s work.

This is NOT a Jakob Nielsen slam-fest. It is a legitimate design contest that Mr. Nielsen himself has given his blessing to. So don’t even think about it!

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating tableless XHTML into your design/development toolbox, this is the perfect opportunity. It will cost you nothing but the time you put into it, and if your design is chosen by our team of experts, you’ll be rewarded with fame and fabulous prizes.

Overall, entries must be usable, accessible, and pleasing to the eye according to the basic premise that Built for the Future was founded on.

What browsers do I need to support?
All of them, and none of them. The content must be functionally accessible through just about any web browser, but the backwards compatibility of your design is your choice.

So what are you waiting for? After all, it HAS to be alot more fun than digging a ditch … trust me … I know.


  1. Thanks for the linkup! One slight nit-pick, though: it’s “Built for the Future,” not “Build it For the Future” … :-)

    Have a great week, and enjoy the contest!

  2. Not to seem ungrateful to Dr. Nielsen for his obvious contributions over the years to the cause of usability in Website design, but if he can afford to hire his time out at $50,000/Day then he can afford to pay top dollar for Web Design. Hasn’t Macromedia paid him for his work on Flash this past year? Was that a volunteer effort he made for them?
    Let’s get serious here- this is a recession and I’m certain Dr. Nielsen has the class to offer up at least $40K or $50 K as a stipend for a Winning User Centered UI and Interaction Model for his site.
    Trevor Doyle
    Imago Metrics LLC