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Mission4Me using MT

If I’ve seemed a bit distracted lately, it is because I’ve been spending much of my spare time reworking Chuck Holton’s Mission4Me.com website/blog. Actually, I’m still working on it, but now we’re in the tweaking phase. Just so long as everything gets done by August 8th, when Chuck appears on the 700 Club to sell his new book, A More Elite Sodier. In the process, they’re going to flash Chuck’s domain name, so there is going to be traffic. A good portion of it from the house that AOL built.

The problem was that Chuck’s old site used an old default MoveableType (MT) template who’s file naming and linking/archives schemes didn’t work. No problem. We’ve already talked about mangling MovableType into a content managlement system. So some of what we did for Redland Baptist, we’re now doing for my friend Chuck.

For the next few days, you can see exactly what I’m talking about by comparing the new site with to Chuck’s old site. Brown, ugly, had to find stuff, with no real picture of what the product is … which in this case is Chuck himself. Well himself in light of the ministry he’s developing.

Some of the other problems was that Chuck was always forced to fiddle around with the dates of various posts to get them to bubble back up to the top. Which is why you see conspicious “category” links directly below the banner. This menu is adjoined to the right with a search box. The latest posts are in the main space to the left. Then the books are first up on the right menu bar, followed by recent entries, followed by favorite links.

Sometime later today, I’m going to add a list of articles Chuck has had published in various magazines … add EZBoo … and then deal with some annoying border/CSS issues … but UGH! it’s 3:22 and I’ve got to get up for work in a few hours … I’m going to have a part 2 and 3 of this site to explain what design elements were added to better server the needs of Chuck’s user base. Until then, compare the two sites, and leave comments. Moreover, let me know if something is totally horribly mangled. For example, I just received a very USEFUL note from Vincent Flanders. I had originally named the banner grapahic “banner.gif.” Guess what, it gets blocked by ad-blocking software. I did not know that. Now I do. I’m passing it along to you. Visit Vincent and thank him by buying his book … you know, the one I contributed Chapter 14 to …

And I swear, I’ll get to reviewing some of your church web sites. Once I get Chuck’s fully squared away. Now go compare … leave comments … make suggestions … basically yank the plank outta my eye !-)

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  1. Hey dean, just so you know, the padding around the navigation hyperlinks with the grey (note: not gray) background exceeds the grey part of the image in Opera 7 so you have lots of sticky up grey bits over the hyperlinks. You could probably kill it by cutting the hyperlink padding down to 1 or 2px on the top and bottom.