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AOL, bloggins and free speech

It’s old news by now, AOL is bringing blogging to the unwashed masses. Or as Leslie Walker of the Washington Post WebWatch put it:

The “blogosphere” may never be the same after America Online releases free blog-publishing software to its 34 million members this summer.

The emphasis on “may never be the same” is mine. Imagine what the blogosphere is going to look like by the entry of hundreds of thousands of individuals for whom AOL entitled their service “AOL Journals” because they didn’t think their customers would understand ‘blog.’

Put another way, basically this annoucement is going to do for weblogs what FrontPage has done for church web sites. Let the (regular) reader understand.

Tell you what, I have an old copy of Charles Petzold’s “Programming Windows 3.1″ I’ll send FREE to the first person who can closest guess the number of “cat blogs” that AOL’s new service will generate in its first month (to be eligable, you need to leave your guestimate as a comment).

All this said, I was alarmed by an article who’s headline read “U.S. Senators Propose Bill to Ban New AOL Blogs.” Basically the premise is, since AOL users have fouled the USNET, let’s not let them do the same to blogging. I mean isn’t this a violation of the 1st Ammendment? The Bill of Rights? Oh wait (and before you go emailing Ernie the Attorney) … it’s a joke. The proposed BAN that is, not AOL’s new service … tough I know it is sometimes hard to tell the difference.


  1. So what if there are thousands of cat blogs? I won’t link to them, and I’m sure you won’t. The wonderful thing about blogs is that no one has to link to them!

    More on the positive side of what AOL Journals can do is over at Jeff Jarvis’ blog[1]. This link brought to you by a Hebig[2].

    [1] http://www.buzzmachine.com/archives/2003_07.html#004146
    [2] http://www.hebig.org/blogs/archives/main/001072.php

  2. I’ll put my guess in at an even 2,000 cat blogs, but it’s for bragging rights only. Keep the programming Windows 3.1 book and toss it in your fireplace on a cold night. I’d rather it kept you warm than take up space on my already sagging shelves… :)

    Dean, are you ever going to do the 10 commandments thing I emailed you about? I could still really use that resource as a single page to refer church webmasters to when I review them for DMOZ…

  3. 1967 cat blogs. Why did I choose that number? It’s the year I was born.

  4. Well, say they get 1% takeup in their first month, that’s 340,000. Help.

  5. i say only 237 cat blogs. aren’t cat blogs ‘out’ already? i think that ‘cooking blogs’ will be the new ‘cat blog’. and do we need to call them ‘journals’ instead of blogs if they reside on aol?

  6. I guess that there will be around 666 cat blogs, for the obvious reason.