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Google’d Out? 502 Error!? Tell me it isn’t so!

What’s with Google lately? It seems that ever since they aquired Blogger, things haven’t been as … as ‘zippy-fast‘ as they used to be. And for the past couple weeks, they’ve seemed really sluggish. Now this:

Graphic depiction of a Google 502 Error

I wonder if they’re getting DdOS’d … or perhaps someone just mistakenly tried to install MS-Dos?

Gosh, I hope it’s nothing serious … I’m not sure I could survive without them.

Note – some of the links above were brought to you by the Vivisimo mega search engine.


  1. Dean your image is broken

  2. Hmmm… You know I’ve not experienced any problems with them. I haven’t even really noticed a speed difference. I dunno. While I got your point that there are certainly other quality search engines out there I’ve grown an emotional attachment to google :-) .

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  4. Punctuation, Matt. Punctuation.