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Localized Help Wanted

As most of you know, I generally keep the personal stuff off this site. But I’ve got a few hunka-burninating issues/opportunities that you might enjoy engaging in. If so, leave a comment. If you want privacy, just leave and “unspoken” request and I’ll get back to ya.

  1. Our church is doing the “40 Days of Purpose” program this fall. If anyone has any material, layouts or suggestions they want to … well suggest … or better yet, lend, then please, leave a comment.
  2. A local eyeglass shop is looking for someone to do their website. I know this, because I was getting new specs yesterday and they were kvetching that their website was down. After some chatting, they asked if I knew anyone (preferably local here to the D.C. area, but not mandatory). One thing they want to do is start selling contacts online. So you need to know the whole SSL / credit card / merchant bank thing. If I wasn’t gainfully and full-time employed, I might do it myself.
  3. A former Sunday school student of mine, a very upright, honest and forward thinking young man, is looking for a place to live here near Rockville MD. Basically, he’s going to Montgomery College, but his parent are moving. I usually don’t extend my reputation on teens and young adults, but this one is worth taking a chance on.
  4. Oh yeah, I’m looking for a good XML/XSLT editor. Yeah, I know about XML Spy, but $399 is a bit much for someone who’s just looking to experiment. Late at night. When everyone is asleep. And I’m bored but want to do something productive. Anyway, if you *have experience* with a similar editor then leave a comment.
  5. If you live in or near the area of Charleston, South Carolina, leave a comment. I’ll be taking a vacation there and would like to network with as many geeks as possible.

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  1. This XML editor was recently converted from commercial to free. http://www.morphon.com/index.shtml

    I haven’t used it much, but initially it looks good.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I do web design and am always looking for more work. I have experience with SSL/CC processing so if you’d like, drop me an email. Thanks!

  3. Hi Dean,

    At XML Europe 2003, I saw an ad-hoc demo of Marrowsoft’s Xselerator, which was impressive. It’s supposed to be the “XSLT developer’s XSLT IDE”. There are a number of hot-shot XSLT users who love this product. I have explored it only briefly (and haven’t branched permanently out of vi), but was impressed by its feature set. 14-day trial (14 actual days of use) followed by a 21-day trial if you register. Price for one copy is $125. Check it out: http://www.marrowsoft.com

    Note that products like Morphon’s, or Altova’s Authentic, are meant for business users who have little or no knowledge of XML. I’m extremely interested in this space right now, but they are very different products than developers’ tools like Xselerator (which if I’m not mistaken is what you’re looking for). I suppose it’s unfortunate they’re both called “editors”…


  4. My church went through 40 Days of Purpose a few months ago. MP3s and WMAs of the sermons are @ http://www.apexcommunity.net/Sermons/Purpose/default.asp. All of our small groups went through it also.

  5. I use XMLWriter http://www.xmlwriter.com/ at work. It’s basically a code-coloring editor for XML, DTD and CSS files, but it does what it says on the tin, without any fuss. It provides “Intellisense”-like pop-up windows to allow elements to be picked from a list; this works for XSLT stylesheets and any XML file that has a DTD or XSD schema. US$89, with 30 day free trial.

    Useful free tools, particularly for learning XSLT, are XSLDebugger http://www.vbxml.com/xsldebugger/ which can visually single-step through a transformation (needs VB6 runtimes), and Dimitre Novachev’s nifty XPath Visualizer http://www.topxml.com/xpathvisualizer/ which is pure HTML and javascript.