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ClarkConnect’s Cool Linux Gateway Tools

I was tooling about this lazy Sunday afternoon, thinking up some work for some old PCs. So I started to check out some of the various Linux distributions better suited for older, but not necessarily dead i386 machines. I think I found one that might be of service to those of you running, or thinking of running, various network services and servers from your church’s basement. ClarkConnect.

According to their website, this Linux distro “transforms standard PC hardware into a dedicated broadband gateway and easy-to-use server. The award-winning Linux-based solution includes firewall and security tools, along with file, print, web, e-mail, proxy, and VPN servers.”

Foo, the kid just woke up from her nap and Mom is a bit under the weather. If any of you get a chance to place with this toy before I do, please, leave a comment and let us know how the Free Home Edition works out for you. Unless of course you’re using the Pro edition, in which case, you’re certainly more than welcome to regail us with copious V’s on how this system has transformed an old PC into a new firewall, web server and file server. Though personally, I think I’d prefer to keep the later two as far separated as possible.

One Comment

  1. I’ll try installing it Later this evening.
    Im Currently using smoothwall but its a firewall only and I want a webserver and also ftp server too.