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Enterprise Web Development with ASP.NET

I’m in training classes at the Rockville Learning Tree over the next few days, Enterprise ASP.NET Web Development – Course 506.

Some powerful stuff, and expensive. I’m curious, how many of you have .NET capable IIS servers with databases and other expensive stuff? Like I said, this is powerful stuff, but one of the reasons I don’t often cover it is because of its pricetag.

Let me know. Leave a comment.


  1. <disclaimer>I work in a MSFT shop, so, I have all the high dollar tools available to me.</disclaimer>

    However, you can get many tools for free. The ASP.NET team has developed a free tool for making ASP.NET apps called Web Matrix (http://www.asp.net/webmatrix/ ). Also, MSFT has a ‘lite’ version of SQL Server called MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition — http://www.microsoft.com/sql/techinfo/development/2000/MSDE2000.asp ). (Actually, it’s confusing to me if MSDE is free or not. The link has all the info.)

    And ASP.NET web hosting can be found that is comparable in price to Unix hosting, which includes SQL Server space.

    And, the .NET framework is free as well.

  2. I installed apache, mysql, php and perl on my computer the other day as a test rig. It cost my zilch. If I was running linux, then it would have cost me even less (less than zilch?). Enough said.

  3. I work in a MSFT shop as well.

    Disregarding the purchase of the OS, there is no cost for the .NET runtime or the .NET SDK [1]. As kevin said, all the tools necessary for developing .NET apps are also free.

    - MSDE _is_ free, it is essentially SQL Server with limited connections and no GUI admin tools.

    Many of our developers in house don’t use the massively bloated VS.NET IDE — we use our favorite editor, the command line, and NAnt[3].

    Also, if you want a cheap site to try this stuff out on, go look at WebStrikeSolutions [2] (no kickbacks, just a happy customer). They offer the latest .NET run-times on their MS servers, and the price is right — $30 setup, first year free with no commitments after that.

    What was being described as pricey? I’m curious… VS.NET? If so, that’s true, but it’s not necessary.

    [1] http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads/default.aspx
    [2] http://www.webstrikesolutions.com/
    [3] http://nant.sourceforge.net/

  4. We host with http://www.webstrikesolutions.com already mentioned a couple of times now.