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A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging with MovableType

Just in case some of you are thinking of spending the weekend deploying a blogging tool as a content manglement system (CMS) for your church web site … I though I might turn you onto a tutorial on how to create a blog using Movable Type (MT) based on a recent DigitalEveJapan workshop. A kind of “blogging for dummies,” it is aimed at the beginner and assumes little knowledge of website design/building. However, programmers and other web gurus unfamiliar with blogging may find it useful.


  1. Having read the info, I have a question about using Moveable Type blogging. Could MT blogging be used for a family website/blog?

    A little detail might help shed light on how I’m thinking of using blogging: birth, marriage, death announcements; family reunion details; announcing the publishing of a family cookbook and a call for recipes; family pictures; reunion pictures;…the list is potentially endless.

  2. You can use MT for just about anything you can imagine. I have launched several weblogs with it including the global behemoth ScrappleFace, a news satire weblog.
    MT is relatively easy to install…just a bit of configuring…and is a breeze to use.

    Scott Ott