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Over at blogs4God, I’ve been building an aggregator for the moderators. And with all the Perl I example around here, you would think I would hack out a solution that would make Larry Wall proud.

Ha! Fooled you! I’m using PHP instead. Sure, I could have produced glorious output via Perl with some help from Lincoln Stein’s CGI.PM library. And yes, I could have combined LWP::Simple with XML::RSSLite to get the job done, but I noticed that much of the work I needed to do had already been accomplished with a PHP class named MagpieRSS.

MagpieRSS provides an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP. MagpieRSS is compatible with RSS .9 through RSS 1.0, and supports the RSS 1.0′s modules. (with a few exceptions) . It does this by employing an ultra-liberal approach to rss parsing. Which is exactly what I needed to build an aggregator that took into consideration such a garden variety of RSS, RDF and XML syndication feeds sported by the various blogs at blogs4God.

Besides, I’ve been neglecting you PHP guys (and gals) lately. So here’s a tool you can sink your teeth, or in this case, beek into.


  1. I’m using Magpie on Whyblog.org, and it’s a great parser. No need to worry about all that backend stuff; just throw it into a function and away it goes!

  2. Another thumbs up for MagpieRSS. I’m using it as well, and it Just Works. It’s also very forgiving with slightly abnormal RSS feeds, which it a problem I’ve run into with other parsers.

  3. Mr. Peters,

    Your May 12th blogs4God entry came at around just the right time. As I had said earlier,
    I was wondering what to do once I added the RSS feed. I was just added to the Blogs4God Pundits section, and I had added an RSS feed (see it below) shortly before that. Which blogs4God moderator am I supposed to notify about this?

    (I just saw that the latest blogs4God entry has to do with this subject as well.)

    I had included my RSS feed’s link in my profile, but I don’t know if it is supposed to show up.


    My RSS feed:

    Thank you very much!!